What happened at SAG 2008?

  • It was great to have sessions about inquiry that weren’t for a specific group.
  • Publishers’ display and food area great! Lots of signs and maps to tell people where to go!
  • MAME did a fantastic job of including an array of interests in its SAG day.

Inquiry in Action – Sylvia Marshall & Judy Walker

  • Very effective, insightful and infectious! Beyond sharing principles, you shared your hearts.
  • A very wonderful presentation with lots of examples, many great ideas and super displays.
  • Eager, knowledgeable presenters – weren’t preachers, they too are learners; Meaningful, practical ideas and strategies.
  • The session was truly inspiring. Many, many things to think about and begin having conversations with colleagues about.

ALERT – Luella Bartel & Megan Vankoughnett

  • Great pace.
  • Fantastic presenters. These are people who are/were on the frontline. They know what works.
  • Entertaining and informative presenters.
  • Excellen information. Provided strategies that I could use in my classroom right away. Examples were helpful because they were so specific. Engaging presentation.

e-Pearl – Leslie Dent

  • Exactly what I needed!
  • Presenter was very helpful and able to explain each section in a simplistic manner.
  • Loved Wordle!
  • Great experience, hands on learning.
  • Very practical; great for addressing ICT and making students active participants in their evaluation.