Multiage Workshops – January 22, 2020

Sessions are from 5:00—7:00 pm (pizza served at 4:30 pm) at St. George School—151 St. George School

Select one of the following 5 workshops:

Active Learning in Kindergarten– Presented by: Ken Benson

An interactive session for kindergarten and grade 1 teachers. This session includes:

  • Lesson planning with a focus on movement
  • Active literacy and numeracy activities.
  • Examples of simple, but effective learning stations.
  • Quiet Time yoga practice
  • Emerging artist drawing lessons

Art in the Early Years – Presented by: Brynne Takeuchi

Come see new ways to integrate art in the K-3 classroom! You will also learn how to coordinate an inquiry-based project that addresses the essential question “Why do people make art?”. Come ready to make examples and explore art materials!

Calm, Alert, and ready to Learn – Presented by: Sarah Grainger, Brittany Boult and Megan Appleton

Join us as we explore the science behind our ability to regulate. We will discuss the why behind student behaviour and the conditions that may result in challenging behaviours. Using science-based and practice informed knowledge about self-regulation we will explore case examples, discuss learning experiences and review strategies and resources that will benefit students, parents, teachers, schools and communities.

Sage Gardens – Presented by: Sage Gardens Greenhouse

Discover how to grow delicious plants in a variety of ways using a wide range of plant propagation techniques. Participants will examine how to create and maintain a vermicompost at school. All participants will leave with a take-home project to enjoy.

Wellness for Teacher and Students – Presented by:  Krista Labossiere

Participants will be guided through a series of mindfulness activities and will leave with an understanding of how Mindfulness helps staff and students manage stress more effectively and work through it more quickly.

Workshop Fees:
__ $20 workshop fee for MAME members *promo code required*
__ $40 workshop fee for non-members (MAME membership included)

Registration Deadline: January 10th Spaces are limited
For registration information and on-line registration click HERE

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