The MAME Executive meets about 8 times a year; usually on the first Thursday of the month. If you are interested in joining our group, please feel free to hit the link below to email us!

Chair – Kathy Klenk

Secretary – Jessica Foss

Treasurer – Michelle Adolph

Newsletter Editors – Cindy Pellerin, Lisa McAvoy

Membership & Registration – Lara Klassen

SAGE Conference Chairs – Bailey Englot & Charlene Sacher

SAGE Conference Committee –  Michelle Adolph, Julie VanCaeyzeele, Lara Klassen, Breccan Wilson, Tina Arnott

SAGE MTS Council Representatives – Michelle Adolph, Chelsea McKee

Webminder – Michelle Adolph

Bookshelf Representative – Charlene Sacher

Professional Development Outreach Chairs –

Professional Development Outreach Committee – Tina Arnott

Professional Development Funding Chair – Julie VanCaeyzeele

Professional Development Funding Committee – Kathy Cullen, Cindy Pellerin, Kathy Klenk, Charlene Sacher, Allen Vilar, Breccan Wilson

Marketing Committee – Shannon Young, Jessica Foss


Are you interested in sitting on the MAME Executive? Contact: chair@multiagemanitoba.org