The goals of MAME are to:

  • Provide leadership in multi-age education.
  • Encourage Manitoba multi-age educators to work together towards the improvement of the quality of education.
  • Provide the means for exchanging ideas, techniques, and knowledge, and for monitoring trends and developments relevant to the multi-age educator role and functions.
  • Encourage the professional learning of its members through workshops and an annual conference/AGM.
  • Publish a newsletter to provide ongoing communication with its members.
  • Establish contact with other provincial/national organizations.
  • Promote communication, interactions, and cooperation amoung its members.
  • Work in accordance with the aims and objectives of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society.
  • Provide assistance to persons concerned with children in multi-age environments.
  • Work with the Manitoba Teachers Society (MTS) – Professional Development Standing Committee concerning special problems, or projects, and make submissions directly to the committee.
  • Work through the MTS to make recommendations to the provincial government, the universities, and school divisions/districts to bring about changes deemed necessary for the improvement of education in Manitoba.